Netflix adds more countries where it bans password sharing

Netflix Multi-Account Plan Considered to live with peopleHowever, there are many users who share a subscription despite not being on the same address. Faced with this situation, the company has carried out endless strategies, such as asking for a code that they gave to the account owner.

A few months ago, in the forum streaming announced a new measure with which they intended to charge more users who share their accounts. His view was that non-cohabitants pay an additional About 2 to 3 euros more per month (for change).

The novelty, called the ‘Extra Sub’, was tested in the ‘Standard’ and ‘Premium’ plans of Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. Since last August 22, the trial of the function has also started Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

How does ‘Extra Sub’ work?

To make sure users don’t get carried away with this ‘extra sub’, Netflix has logged out of their accounts on their TVs. When trying to log in again, the platform asked them to pay an additional fee. Through this measure, the company wanted non-cohabiting consumers to be able to use its services in a home other than the main home for more than a short vacation.

According to a study conducted by the company, more than 100 million households use accounts, even if they pay off, owned by a person they don’t live with. Netflix is ​​expected to lose 2 million subscribers during the second fiscal period of 2022, so the offer aims to grow this despite the exchange of passwords, which Especially high in Latin America.

Membership will cost between seven and nine euros.

Through this functionality, Netflix gives you the option to log in from just one place and add another residence Two week free trial. After that period expires, the platform asks that an additional fee be paid.

The ‘Additional Sub’ only allows one additional house with the ‘Basic’ plan, two with the ‘Standard’ and up to three with the ‘Premium’. Netflix Makes Sure It Can Identify Different Addresses IP addresses, device IDs and account activity.

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