Netflix is ​​rolling out a new feature so you can block people who use your account without permission

There are already hotels with smart TVs in which users can enter their credentials for their streaming services to watch movies or series from their rooms. However, many people could forget to log out before leaving and this was an inconvenience for many. But this is now a thing of the past, because From now on Netflix will allow you to manage the devices an account has access to remote form.

the function is called Manage access and devices And it is being deployed for both web version and iOS and Android devices. This tool allows you to view the devices that are linked to the account, the profiles they’ve used, where they’ve been viewed from, and log out remotely.

How to remove account access from device?

  • Go to your account settings.
  • find section ‘security and privacy’.
  • to select ‘Manage access and devices’.
  • See more of the device, profile, and where you’re connected to an account Check that everything is in order.
  • If none of the people you share the account with have logged in, you can click ‘Options’.Sign off’.

There are many users who use their TVs to consume streaming services instead of traditional channels.

If you’ve decided to log out of someone’s device with whom you shared credentials and no longer want to do so, you’ll need to modify the password. This will ensure that they never sign in with your account again.

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