Netflix will charge extra for password sharing from January

Do you share your Netflix password with your friends to share expenses? If the answer is yes, then you must know that the platform will be offering plans across the globe. Account swap monetization at the beginning of next year.

This means that Netflix will allow Share account via ‘Sub-Accounts’ or ‘Additional Members’Keeping in mind that each sub-account will have its own login, profile and personalized recommendations.

The app will also be able to transfer profiles to new accounts, making it easier for people sharing profiles to get their own.

Netflix wrote in a letter to shareholders that “after hearing consumer feedback, we will provide borrowers with the ability to transfer their Netflix profiles to their accounts, and allow users to more easily manage their devices and sub- will provide the ability to create accounts, if they so desire. Pay for family or friends,

USA Today Tech noted that “the test Netflix is ​​running in Latin America, which forced customers to Pay Extra $2.99 (3.06 Euro, approx) for each additional broadcast At home on Netflix.

With increasing competition in the services of streamingNetflix is ​​focusing on adding subscribers and making more money from users who have already signed up.

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