Netflix will open a new studio in Helsinki, another in Finland, this time tied to video games

Today marks a year since the first Netflix video game launched for mobile devices in Spain and it looks like the platform wants to continue betting on this new format. Continuing to work on other news, such as a new affordable plan with commercials, the company has announced that it will open A new video game studio in Helsinki (Finland).

This study will be the second the brand will have in Finland and as director Marco Lasticca, former vice president and former general manager of video game developer Zynga. The news comes after the company acquired various firms specialized in this area, such as Next Games, Oxenfree Night School and Boss Fight Entertainment.

Netflix explains that they chose to locate the studio in Helsinki because the best talent in the video game industry is found there. In fact, Lastikka has extensive experience working in Electronics Arts and Digital Chocolate, at Zynga until September and before that.

The streaming platform offers its video games to its customers without paying any extra or seeing ads. After one year of operation, the company has a catalog more than 20 sports titles For mobile phones and with their new study they hope to reach their promise of increasing that figure to 50.

Despite the fact that Netflix remains steadfast in its commitment to video games, it should be noted that an Aptopia report details that Less than 1% of the 220 million subscribers on Netflix play with them, It sucks that many of the games belong to its most successful series, such as ‘Stranger Things: 1984’, ‘Stranger Things 3: The Game’ or ‘La Casa de Papel’.

At the moment, Netflix video games are an addition that some users are interested in. However, companies in the industry and the company’s efforts to buy out its new studio in Finland suggest that it wants to make games one of its many attractions.

The company had expected this to be a trending topic on Twitter even before the announcement.

“It’s early days and we have a lot of work to do on Netflix to deliver a great experience for players,” said Amir Rahimi, vice president of game studios at Netflix. It can take years to make a gameThat’s why I’m proud to see how we continue to build our game studio foundation in our first year and look forward to sharing what we produce in the years to come.”

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