Netflix with commercials arrives in Spain: this will be its new basic plan with a price of 5.49 euros

New Netflix rates come to Spain. Famous platform of streaming will affect the arrival of advertisements in our country on November 10, which will lead to a reduction in the subscription price for customers who do not mind watching advertising, Specifically, the monthly cost with ads will be 5.49 euros per month. it will provide access movies You Chain of its catalog on the platform in lieu of showing the above advertisements.

New basic plan It will cost with ads 5.49 Euro per month and will reach Spain Thursday November 105:00 PM (Peninsular Time), though it will also be available in eleven other countries: Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, the United States, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

This new subscription method gives access to a wide variety of series and movies on the platform, which can be viewed on a wide range of home television and mobile devices, although with a Max Resolution 720p/HD,

Four or five ads per hour and no downloads

They detail from Netflix that users in this plan can expect an average of four or five minutes of commercials per hour. At launch, Ad will last 20 seconds And they would appear at the beginning of series and movies, and throughout their reproductions.

On the other hand, and due to licensing restrictions, some movies and series are not available, but the company has confirmed that they are already working on it. nor will it be content download To see without connectionBut you can change to other plans or cancel at any time.


With this plan comes a series of controls for advertisers that aim to “reach the right audience” and ensure that ads are shown. “Relevant to Consumers”,

This includes visualization level verification tools and traffic validity as well double verify I integralWhich will be available in the first quarter of 2023.

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