New date for Artemis I: NASA will try to launch rocket again on November 14

we report again Release date for Artemis Imission of NASA Who wants to bring humans back to the moon.

last Wednesday, US space agency confirms it will try to launch again on November 14 Unmanned mission from Cape Canaveral (Florida) Artemis I, which aims to pave the way for an astronaut journey to our satellite. NASA announced that the 69-minute launch window will open at 0007 hours (0407 GMT).

The agency has had to delay the departure of the SLS rocket three times With the Orion spacecraft docked, two for technical reasons and one for meteorological reasons.

The previous release date was September 27, but had to be pushed back due to Announcement of Ian’s Arrival in FloridaA tornado that caused more than a hundred deaths and millions of dollars in damage in this southern state.

Rocket worth over $4,000 million (approximately 4,125 million euros at current exchange rates) had to be moved from the platform to the hangar to avoid potential damage.

Two other attempts were suspended on 29 August and 3 September, the first case due to a failure in the temperature sensor and the second due to a leak in the liquid hydrogen tank.

“Last week’s inspections and analysis have confirmed that minimal work is required to prepare the rocket and spacecraft for launch to Launch Pad 39B at Kennedy Space Center in Florida,” NASA said on Wednesday.

Engineers are working to fix them after the fault at the beginning of the month.

Crew will perform standard maintenance to repair minor damage In the foam and corks of the thermal protection system and will recharge or replace the rocket’s battery, various secondary payloads and flight termination systems. The agency plans to return the rocket to the launch pad on Friday, Nov.

NASA requests backup launch opportunities Wednesday, November 16 and Saturday, November 19With a launch window of two hours.

Tracked transport vehicle has wheels similar to tanks.

If the rocket is launched on 14th November, The mission of about 25 and a half days will end on 9 December. With the fall of the Orion spacecraft in the Pacific Ocean.

The purpose of the first Artemis mission is Test the capabilities of the SLS and Orion spacecraft ahead of manned voyage initially scheduled for 2024, which will be followed by a third including the first time since 1972 Astronaut Americans, including a woman and a person of color, will set foot on the lunar surface.

The Artemis program seeks to lay the groundwork for a long-duration lunar presence and serve as a springboard for sending astronauts marte,

Orion will launch next week inside the SLS Mega rocket.

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