New police alert: “If you get a message like this, go straight to the trash”

A new scam that arrives by email posing as state security forces and corps And the official Twitter account of the National Police has denied that they are genuine emails. “Straight to the trash” if you receive a message like this, they advise users.

The National Police warned that the message could also come via SMS, although the image they shared on social networks is of a Gmail email. the name of the subject is ‘Summons to Court’, followed by a very long number and date 2022 And the issuer will be the judicial police.

“Following a complaint against you. For more information, see PDF. You have 72 hours to contact us. If you don’t, we will issue an international arrest warrant for your arrest,” they said in the message. it is said. as you can read, it’s full Spelling and grammatical errors.

File image of Endesa headquarters

Presumably, the file attached to the email contains malware that infiltrates the victim’s device. The National Police did not give further details about the situation, So it is not known whether it is actually a trojan or not. Another option would be for them to try to trick the user into providing their data for fear of being arrested.

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