New scam on WhatsApp for Black Friday: false draw for free Iberia tickets

Spanish airline Iberia has warned via Twitter that some cybercriminals are posing as brands in the WhatsApp instant messaging application. Phishing scam encourages users to participate In false ruffles to travel with companyBut these sweepstakes are false and only want to get the data of the victims.

As Iberia mentioned in their tweet, when they do official competitions, these Launched exclusively on your website or verified social networks, Therefore, messages coming through WhatsApp and redirecting the user to third party websites are always false.

Iberia has not detailed the process for cybercriminals to access victims’ data. Although some users have shared the message reaching them, Where he pretended to be Black Friday:

Malware is the most common cyber security incident in Spain.

in addition to reporting Has detected “a large number of alerts regarding false contests”Iberia has taken this opportunity to advise users not to enter “any domain that does not belong to Iberia” for this type of draw.

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