New York Representative Lee Zeldin says two men shot in front of her Long Island home, while daughters were shot inside

New York Congressman and Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin says his family is safe after shooting two strangers outside his Long Island home on Sunday.

Zeldin said in a statement that he did not know the identities of the two men who were shot, but were found under his porch and in bushes in front of his home in Shirley, New York. He said the Congressman and his wife were not at home when the shots were fired, but their teenage daughters were in the house and heard gunshots and screams. Statement issued by his office.

Zeldin said his 16-year-old daughters locked themselves in the bathroom and called 911. The family was shaken but okay, he said. Zeldin and his wife were returning from a parade in the Bronx when the shooting took place.

He said police officers were checking at his house on Sunday evening and were looking at the security cameras of the house. The two men who shot them were taken to local hospitals, he said.

“My daughters are shaken, but okay,” he said. “Like so many New Yorkers, the crime has literally reached our front doors. My family is grateful to everyone who has arrived and we’ll provide another update when they can.”

Zeldin plans to hold a news conference outside his home on Sunday night.

The Suffolk County Police Department issued a brief statement saying it was investigating the shooting. A spokesman said police had no information about who opened fire or who first found the two men shooting.

Zeldin, who is running against Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul, has made rising crime rates and violent crime the focus of his campaign. He has called for the tightening of the state’s bail laws, among other measures.

Hochul said he was briefed about the shooting and was “relieved” that there was no harm to the Zeldin family.

“I have been informed of the shooting outside Congressman Zeldin’s home,” she said. tweeted, “As we await more details, I am relieved to hear that the Zeldin family is safe and grateful for the prompt response of law enforcement.”

This is his second fear in as many months. In July, he was attacked While campaigning in New York, a man approached her on stage and threw a sharp object near her head and neck. He was not injured and the man was arrested.

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