NFL Star JuJu Smith-Schuster Covers Nearly $10,000 in Leaveway Balance at Kansas City Store

JuJu Smith-Schuster, wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs, got into the holiday spirit this week by donating nearly $10,000 to customers’ layaway balances at a local Burlington store.

The 26-year-old helped several families with the cost of their holiday gifts through her charitable organization, JuJu Foundation.

one in Video In a post posted by her foundation on Tuesday, Smith-Schuster recalled holidays from her childhood where she received no presents.

The NFL star said, “I was in his position once. There were, you know, years, I didn’t get presents. There were years where I had to distribute presents.”

He added, “Knowing what it feels like to be in their place at a young age, and what it’s like now, knowing that I can give back – it’s really cool.”

While this was the JuJu Foundation’s first ever event in Kansas City, Missouri, since Smith-Schuster signed with the team this past season after spending five seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers — it’s not their first charitable activity.

The University of Southern California alum said he has always enjoyed giving back to the communities he has been a part of, including Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. He said Monday’s event was his way of supporting the people who come to him every week for him and his team.

Smith-Schuster said, “These guys are diehard fans, they support us every Sunday, every game that we play.” “It’s great that I have the opportunity to be a good role model for these kids and give something back to the community.”

What do Smith-Schuster want for Christmas?

He said, “I came here to win the Super Bowl.” “It’s my Christmas wish.”

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