ngela Aguilar is crowned with the smallest waist in low-rise jeans

Angela Aguilari has established itself as a fashion benchmark for the youngest, and this timen crowned with the smallest waist With a casual look from the show low rise jeans With a shirt with which he captivated more than one of his fans.

This October 8 singer, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter, His 19th birthday will be celebrated, and to start the week of celebration he shared with his millions of fans instagram A series of photos in which her looks were the winner, as she confirmed herself as a fashionista.

ngela aguilar shows off her waist

it was tuesday when Angela Published on the popular meta platform, where she has 8.8 million followers, photos in which she is seen in various outfits, her look is casual low rise denim pants one of the ones he liked the most because he was perfect to show his small waist,

Angela boasts a waist. Photo: IG @angela_aguilar_

“Photo dump pd my birthday is in 4 days”, was the phrase with which the young interpreter, along with the images, joined a trend that has become very popular on the network, mainly instagramWho wants to share all kinds of snapshots.

With over 490 thousand “likes” and thousands of comments, Angela She showed herself to be a true lover of fashion and style, but she crowned herself with a smaller waist, as did her casual look of low-rise jeans that she wore with a neon green top and black tank top. joined together.

Pepe Aguilar’s youngest daughterThe singer, who is the singer of songs such as “Actualidad” and “Ahi donde me venene”, is currently having one of the best moments of her career because, in addition to being an icon in regional music, she is a benchmark of style and fashion, and it is her recent success. was confirmed with the publication of

The singer is confirmed as a fashionista. Photo: IG @angela_aguilar_

Angela She is one of the most important artists of the regional genre, having received dozens of awards from a young age, thus showing that she not only stands out for her beauty; Moreover, she has already been a model for various magazines, which also makes her an example for young women of her age.

Since her career began, the interpreter, also the granddaughter of Wild Flowers and Antonia Aguilarhas established itself as a style benchmark for her traditional embroidered dresses, with which, in addition to showing her pride in being Mexican, she highlights her small waist.

Pepe Aguilar’s daughter shows off the most beautiful traditional dress. Photo: IG @angela_aguilar_

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