ngela Aguilar teaches how to wear leggings in winter

Angela Aguilari has become one of the Mexican singers whose style is all the rage Whatever the occasion, as her day-to-day look, the singer always causes sensation as her iconic clothes embroidered with Mexican hands, with which she conquers the stages. One of the best things is that in most of her outfits she shows off not only the most exclusive brands, but also the wardrobe basics that everyone has and a trick with which her fans can revamp her outfits. can make.

Because just as she is a reference in music, she is also a reference in the fashion world and as an icon looks like He always gives a lot to talk about, as he demonstrated on occasion when he lectured on the style to use leggings during the season winter and always trend setting. And it is that although this garment is easiest to combine with high boots or tennis, the singer always has the option to look glamorous and without losing the youthful touch.

This is how he showed his look. (Photo: IG @angela_aguilar_)

Via her Instagram account, the interpreter of “Actually” shared a video showing her most glamorous look and with which he showed that negro This will always be the ideal color to look elegant, but gold accessories like jewelry are perfect to give it a very fancy touch. In this way, she was crowned as a fashionista and also confirmed that leggings They can save you from haste, plus they’re the perfect choice for show the figure

The reason for the above is that as they adjust to shape, they become the ideal choice for showing off silhouettes, especially in the shape of an hourglass such as Angela Aguilari, who recently debuted as a model with Rihanna. “According to the princess of the Mexican regional, in order to create sensation with the figure, you can always bet on wearing a fitted blouse with which the waist is finished marking.

Finally, in her fashion lesson, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter shows what it takes to make leggings The most glamorous piece of wardrobe can always be worn with a good pair high heeled shoesEspecially if they are tri-toe shoes in the same color as the garment, as this combination will help create the effect of kilometer feet with which The figure looks tall.

And with her inevitable red lips. (Photo: IG @angela_aguilar_)

On the other hand, accessories help to elevate the look and avoid That legging Look “boring” and on occasion, the famous 19-year-old made it clear that a black bag, as well as dark glasses, rings, earrings and necklaces, both gold and pearl, would help keep the outfit looking iconic.

Such an option would be ideal forever winterespecially when a coat is added and Angela Aguilari She’s an expert too, because as we’ve told you on other occasions, it’s one of her essentials to look coveted when the coldest days come.

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