ngela Aguilar wears the most glamorous and elegant dresses with transparency in the music medium

at the age of 18, Angela Aguilari Having established himself as one of the most important interpreters of Mexican songs, his work is appreciated in many countries around the world, because at his young age he has filled places, in addition to an extensive career. Because she was 5 years old. The old woman has been close to the microphone.

It is worth remembering that at the age of eight, in 2012, he released his first album with his brother Leonardo, entitled “New Tradition”; East ep Manuel Cázares, with the voice of a mariachi as the lead, found great success in various parts of the country, including the country America.

It should be noted that Angela has achieved many successes despite her young age, as she was not yet of legal age, when the youngest of the dynasty had already elevated her family name, when she had to was named. Grammy Latino For Best New Artist and Best Ranchero/Mariachi Album for their album “First I’m Mexican”.

Angela Aguilar has created a flutter with her beautiful style. Photo: IG @angela_aguilar

However, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter’s career is not only musical, as she has also won in other environments, as the so-called “Princess of Mexican Music” on more than one occasion has shown that in addition to having excellent vocal qualities, they have a style youth fashion, Fresh and in trend with the fashion trends.

It is worth mentioning that Angela Her style is characterized by the use of bright colors when dressing, which ranges from the fitted sets to the typical ampoons dress of the Queen of Music, in the sense that the young woman is known to have adapted the costumes she used during her concerts. A trend has been set for ,

Pepe Aguilar’s youngest daughter conquers the world of fashion. Photo: IG @angela_aguilar

However, the singer “really” Fury has also spread with a graceful style of transparency and original necklines, with which she flaunts her elegance with even the most daring outfits within the youth stream, which she wears with glamor and elegance, just like ” The “Princess of Mexican Music” also enjoys dressing up like any other young woman of her age.

She has also posed for fashion magazines. Photo: IG @angela_aguilar
Angela won over with her flashy outfits. Photo: IG @angela_aguilar


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