ngela Aguilar’s luxurious egg-shaped car for which he paid 2 million pesos

Angela Aguilar and her luxurious car

Angela Aguilar is one of those young artists who have consolidated in the music industry at a young age, the singer being the younger heiress of the Aguilar dynasty, who has become one of the stars of music under the company and supervision of her father, Pepe Aguilar. , apart from being a great influencer where she shows off her fabulous style.

The young singer is one of those women in the artistic world who has great style, as it seems she loves to keep up to date with fashion and has shown it with her stunning outfits in which she wears clothes from exclusive brands, like That Angela Aguilar looks like she has the life of a queen, and at 19 she has the luxury we all would have dreamed of.

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As if that weren’t enough, Angela Aguilar drives through the streets of California in a luxurious car for which she paid nearly 2 million pesos, a Tesla 3 that’s a fully electric car and a curious shape that the singer says her car is an ‘egg’ because it seems the young singer takes care of her style and the fortune she has made during her short career allows her to indulge in such luxuries .

Angela Aguilar’s best car

Angela Aguilar’s Business

As we’ve already mentioned, Angela Aguilar is one of those young ladies who seem to be early in their careers, because at the age of 19 she has done it in the best possible way and seems to be taking herself by leaps and bounds. Because, in addition to the luxuries that she owes herself to her fortune, she has already invested in one of the businesses that some know as its official product store, Where you can find clothing, accessories, bags and miniature dolls of Angela Aguilar.

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