Ninel Condé raises the temperature in a white bikini

ninel count continues to attract millions of fans instagram With pictures of them from the beach. In one of his recent publications on the popular social network, he wore a white bikini reveal with which he showed a great body and raised the temperature,

“killer bomb”As the interpreter and actress are also known, when it comes to wearing erotic attire has become one of the worst, such as bikini and bathing suit With which she highlights her curves, as confirmed by the outfit shown from a cruise.

Ninel Conde has a great body in a white bikini

ninele agreed to his millions of followers on Instagram and showed off his funniest side by sharing a clip in which he glistens from a cruise ship and accompanied by one of the most popular audios on the network, in which you first hear SpongeBob’s character. Can only, “How beautiful!” To hear the cry!

Looks like the actress is celebrating her recent birthday, because after visiting places like Santorini and Mykonosocontinue your journey now GreeceFrom where she wore an eye-catching look as she flaunted her curvy silhouette in a . was shown in white bikini With rhinestone detailing on top.

Thus, once again the actress and singer is ranked as one of the celebrities who wear the best lux de playawell, without a doubt conde She knows how to wear the most chic and sexiest outfit, with which her stunning body stands out, as she did with her white outfit on the occasion.

Ninel has a fabulous body in a bubbly bikini. Photo: IG @ninelconde

Although on many occasions he has also been in controversies regarding his physical changes, but the reality is that ninele She is fascinated with the great body she boasts at the age of 46, as confirmed by her recent publication in which she showed off her abs of steel and sensual silhouette.

to celebrate big “killer bomb” She created a sophisticated photo session from Santorini in Greece, the images she shared with millions of her fans on the social network, along with other images in which she looked very stylish in a red bikini with white polka dots.

The singer celebrated her 46th birthday. Photo: IG @ninelconde

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VIDEO: Ninel Conde shows off her charm in micro bikini from lounger

Ninel Conde raises the temperature in a “mirrors” low-cut dress

From a lounger, Ninel Conde raises the temperature in a bubbly red subtle bikini

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