Ninel Conde: the daring bikini with which she raises the temperature of the networks

Ninel Conde is an actress and host who is most recognized and loved in our country because of her participation in various soap operas and shows. In addition, she is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world and this is reflected in her social networks. through a few instagramConfirmed why she is the prettiest wearing a skimpy swimsuit that left everyone speechless and defied the limits of the social network of cameras.

After winning the ‘Miss State of Mexico’ contest in 1995, Ninel Conde He studied theater and body expression and then decided to perfect himself in acting. Throughout his career, he has gone through Televisa, TV Azteca, Univision, and others. In terms of appearances on the small screen, ‘Bajo un Mismo Rostro’, ‘Luz Clarita’, ‘Rebelde’, among others. Thereafter, he got the nickname ‘The Murderer Chocolate’ because of his slim figure.

Ninel Conde is an actress and host. source instagram @ninelconde

In the past days, Ninel Conde She personally received the good news, noting that her conflict with her son’s father, Giovanni Medina, ended as they managed to agree on custody of the child. Till Sankalp, the 46-year-old actress could only see her son for a few hours every 15 days and managed to put their differences behind her through a statement.

Ninel Conde’s post in a bathing suit made everyone go crazy

Through his Instagram account where he has more than 5.5 million followers, Ninel Conde She was in charge to show why she is one of the most beautiful women of all, and she did it by showing off her incredible figure and wearing a tight swimsuit that sent her followers into a tizzy.

Others, Ninel Conde He showed that he follows a strict routine in the gym to stay fit. Not only does she highlight her figure with a bikini but also a one-piece bathing suit that garners the love of her followers. El Bombón Asesino confirms that she is one of the most wanted women in our country.

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Off the cot, Ninel Conde raises the temperature in a risqué micro bikini

Ninel Conde raises the temperature with microtop gumming

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