Ninja Police: The online opposition school that uses a Netflix-type model to prepare the agents of the future

The methods of preparing for police protests have changed in the same way as the way of watching series and movies has changed. This was realized by David Fuentes, the firefighter, founder and CEO of Ninja Police Startup, who wanted to apply andl to study netflix online format techniques For the protest of the National Police in October 2021.

Ninja Police is a new online school that has updated the “study and memorization techniques and the quantity and quality of classes” to make them suited to novice or advanced opponents in Spain. This newly created academy is part of a larger project called Ninja Training, which trained Over 6,000 opponents of firefighters And it aims to get good results for the police as well.

Fuentes created ninja police and ninja firefighter inspired by his experience, because In 2017 he himself applied for firefighter. According to him, he had come to teach face-to-face classes to other students during his time at an academy and was known to use different study methods than the rest.

“I’ve always been a mediocre student, but that changed when I decided to take the exam—they insisted on the Ninja Police website—”. I researched study techniques and realized my problem was that I didn’t know how to study. But above all, I saw that it was a skill that could be learned.”

In 2019 he took the leap and created his own online academy: ‘Fireman Ninja’, with 20 recorded classes. About 500 opponents already signed up in the first 5 days. After two years of success, he decided to expand his services to help opponents of the National Police.

What might the image of a police suit of an Asian country look like.

Beyond videos to prepare those preparing for their theoretical exam for the national police or firefighting, Ninja Training also teaches how to study, regardless of the type of protest the user is studying. this service is called Ninja Memories Thereby they can get information about the methods of study and even get in touch with the experts of different subjects directly.

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