Niurka dazzles with miniskirt and animal print top

Beautiful! niurka marco has made it clear that there is no age limit to flaunt an alluring figure, as at 54, she looks better than ever and she certainly impresses her fans with dazzling outfits that complement her look. Show off curves in a unique way, and as it is already customary to share various photos with out-of-level looks.

It was through her Instagram account where, in addition to looking fabulous, she performed an erotic dance of a Cuban woman in which she moves her hips and poses with a sexy mini skirt And an animal print top.

apparently vedete was celebrating anda friend’s birthdaySo he took the opportunity to party and celebrate the birthday girl, and if anything sets him apart, it’s his sense of humor and irreverence that definitely makes him unique.

The clip of just one second delighted his fans so much that in a matter of seconds he managed to garner over 20 thousand likes and certainly started a wave of comments, which got him praise and praise from his loyal followers. Millie, who has mostly supported. since its inception, when it came Mexico In the year 2004.

“As always with that divine energy, the blessings are commendable.”

“Wow, how beautiful that dress looks on you.”

“Wow, beautiful, cheerful, energetic because people, especially women, do negative things, it is known that Niurka is worth it, but what harm is she doing to them? She is just having fun…!

From the gym, Niurka took 54 . Show off your curves in a revealing bikini at the age of

niurka marcos doShe surprised millions of her fans on Instagram with a video in which she showed off her curves in a revealing bikini, a set she chose to exercise and show off the gym, showing that at 54, she She is one of the actresses who has delivered a stellar performance in Silhouette.

after its time on reality “The House of Celebrities 2”Which the star accused of creating a “smear campaign” to eliminate her, she is back in her daily life and her exercise routine, as evidenced by the images posted to her network.

via a clip she posted on the meta platform, where they follow her 2 million fansMarcos showed off his curvy silhouette and showed that he prefers the boldest outfit to do physical activity, but skips leggings to show off a bikini.

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