No one remembers her, daughter of Silvia Pinal who took away the love of one of Lucero’s heroes

Gabriela Spanic starred in the telenovela “the usurer”, the title that has characterized her as an actress ever since, and the pseudonym by which many still remember her. The actress has earned her popular moniker fame by playing various roles as a villain where, among many other cruelties, she has tried to vanquish many heroics.

“I am your master”Melodrama where plays the daughter of Spanik’s character Sylvia Pinalhas been a project that established Gabe as one of the most perverse and brutal antagonists in television history.

More news about Lucero:

“Ivana Dorantis”Gabriella Spanik, First “Valentina Villalba”, Lucero, grew up with great envy in his heart in front of what his affectionate sister has achieved in her life, a feeling that has created in Ivana an irrational hatred for her close relative. When “Jose Miguel Montesinos”Fernando Colunga appears in Valentina’s life and they fall in love, it doesn’t take long for the “grabber” to do everything to take away that great love from her until she gets it.

Gabriella Spanik is remembered for more bad than good

in the melodrama where the Spaniards have participated, the Bad and selfish women whom he has given life to. The actress’s acting voice, as well as her impressive figure, are elements that naturally enrich her characters, which Gaby has known how to take advantage of and use.

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