No shouting on the bench: the national team will wear a kit system in Qatar to listen to Luis Enrique

Luis Enrique will no longer need to shout from the bench for his Spanish players to be heard by technology as they train for the 2022 Men’s Soccer World Cup in Qatar. The Twitter account of the Spanish National Team has announced new communication system for training Which the team will use in the coming weeks.

This is a type of microphone that the coach uses to broadcast a message that will reach a loudspeaker placed inside the kit used for training. With a harness attached to the back. Through this device, Luis Enrique communicates commands to the athletes, as if he were a walkie-talkie.

The “latest technology” that the Spanish national team talks about can only be used in training Not in official matches. Despite their bets on this system, some users have highlighted that it may not be as effective as Red hopes or as innovative as they promise.

Many netizens point out that the “latest technology” is still like earpiece or walkie-talkie, which have been around for decades. In addition, a sword strike can break the small speaker attached to the back, or commands can be added when two players are near.

fifa world cup qatar 2022

Using these systems in training allows Luis Enrique to rest his voice And give everything in Qatar 2022 official matches. This could be one of the reasons why the Spanish national team would like to bet on this technology, although it is not as innovative as they promise, it is a method that has not been used so far.

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