No traffic jams or endless queues: Google tells us when is the best time to travel and shop on Christmas

Only two weeks are left for the start of the Christmas holidays and already there are many people who are organizing their trips to visit their relatives or just to get away from the routine. Google Maps wants you not to stress about last-minute gifts, hair appointments or long road trips, and it’s highlighted What are the best days and hours to do each task To avoid the crowd.

The Mountain View application is widely used to access various locations, so it may collect data on some locations such as shopping malls, hairdressers or bars. Thank you for this every year Analysis of ideal moments so that users do not have to wait in long queues At a time when many people are preparing for the Christmas holidays. In 2022, Google has lived up to its tradition and talked about it.

  • road trips: If you’re going to celebrate Christmas Eve, Christmas, San Esteban, New Year’s Eve, New Years or Three Wise Men away from home and you want to avoid traffic jams, Google remembers that, in 2021 The worst time was December 23, between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. However, he assured that “things get better” at 8 p.m.
  • Bakery and Pastry Shops: You’ll most likely find yourself queuing at 11am on a Sunday, but 4pm on a Tuesday is the ideal time. Supermarkets or neighborhood stores: Noon on a Sunday is the worst time, but 3 p.m. on a Monday is quieter.
  • Post Office: If you want to send a gift or a postcard to wish you a Merry Christmas by post, avoid 11am on a Monday and go first thing in the morning.
  • mall: If this year you also want to leave shopping for the last moment, then at least try not to go on Saturday at noon and choose Sunday at 5 pm.
  • Bars: If you want a drink in a crowded place to mingle, the perfect time is 10 PM on a Saturday.
  • Hairdressing and Nails: There are many people who want to change their look for Christmas. The best day of the week is Thursday at 6 PM and the worst day is Sunday.
  • Pharmacy: If you’re one of those people who always gets a cold at Christmas, you can stock up on medicines by going to the pharmacy. Do it on Monday at 2 pm and avoid going at 11 am on Tuesday.

Tips to Avoid Stress During Christmas Trips

  • make a stop Thanks for Google Maps on long journeys.
  • Share your estimated arrival time with your friends or family with the app.
  • Use ‘Directory’ option Application inside establishments to avoid getting lost. Avoid the crowd.

The Invisible Friend game is one of the favorites at Christmas.

A place in Spain among the most reviewed Christmas places in Europe

Christmas plans can be very diverse and suit all tastes. Do you want to ice skate? See a show? Visit a Christmas Market? Thanks to Google Maps, users can go anywhere.

The company has highlighted these Christmas locations, which appear when you search for 'Christmas' in the app.
The company has highlighted these Christmas locations, which appear when you search for ‘Christmas’ in the app.

Places in Europe that Google Maps considers ‘top’ can be found by searching for ‘Christmas’ from the app’s search engine. one of the most important Plaza Mayor, in Madrid, where Christmas stalls are set up.

Other relevant locations are Tivoli Gardens (Denmark), Grand Place (Brussels), Covent Garden (London) and Santa Claus Village (Finland). In Spain, the Puerta del Sol, the Royal Botanical Garden, the ‘Magic Christmas’ park (Torrejon de Ardoz) and the Port Aventura (Tarragona) can also be talked about.

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