Norwegian Princess Marta Luisa quits her royal duties to focus on alternative medicine with her magician lover. International | news

Princess Martha Louise of Norway has resigned from her royal duties to focus on the alternative medicine business she runs with her fiancé, a self-proclaimed magician.,

Although she will retain her title, fourth in line to the throne of a European country, she separates her official duties to “draw a clear dividing line” between her private and public role.

His fiancé, Durek Verret, has promoted unscientific medical practices, suggesting among other things that cancer is a choice,

Marta Luisa has relinquished her “protection role” because she and Veret want to clearly separate their activities and those of the Royal House of Norway, the Palace explained in a statement.

He said that Marta Louisa keep your title By decision of King Harald V of Norway.

“He performed his duties with warmth, dedication and deep commitment,” the statement said.

After the announcement, the king described Veret as “a great man” And assured that “it’s a lot of fun to be with him”.

“He has a great sense of humor and we laugh a lot even in this difficult time. I think both we and he have gained a better understanding of what’s going on and have agreed to disagree ,” Herald V told Norwegian journalists.

King Harald V with Marta Luisa in 2017. Although Marta Luisa is the first-born, she is fourth in line to the throne, as Salik law is in force in Norway. Getty Images Photo: BBC Mundo

In her own statement, Princess Marta Luisa claimed to be “aware of the importance of research-based knowledge”, but said that alternative medicine can be “an important complement to helping the traditional medical system”.

He added that “it was important to differentiate myself as a private person on the one hand and as a member of the royal family on the other.”

Years of criticism and accusations

The 51-year-old princess has sparked controversy in Norway for decades for promoting alternative treatments, including setting up a school to help your angels,

He has also been accused of using his royal title to gain a competitive advantage in his personal pursuits.

In 2002 she married Norwegian author and artist Ari Behn, with whom she had three daughters. They got divorced in 2017 and Behan, suffering from depression, committed suicide on Christmas Day 2019.

In June, the princess became engaged to Verret. She announced the relationship in a 2019 Instagram post, anticipating possible criticism.

In Post He added: “For those who feel the need to criticize: Wait. It’s not up to you to choose or judge me. Shaman Durek is simply someone I like to spend my time with and who completes me.”

Patrick van Katwijke Photo: BBC Mundo

Despite that publication, the couple was the subject of intense criticism in Norway, and Veret has been described on several occasions: A “Charlton”, a Thug and a Conspiracy Theorist,

Former Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg described his views as “very strange” and “not based on fact”, adding that his views promote conspiracy theories.

The ‘visionary’ who claims to be resurrected

Durek Verret, an African-American who describes himself as a “sixth generation magician.” claimed to have risen from the dead and predicted the 9/11 attacks on the United States two years earlier.

Getty Images Photo: BBC Mundo

He attributed the criticism his skin color had received and assured that “he had never faced so much racism” when he arrived in Norway.

Too Comparisons have been made with Albert Einstein and Thomas EdisonOf which he highlighted that he was “gifted” and “misunderstood”.

On his website, he describes himself as a “visionary of the now era” who “destroys spirituality.” He claims that his work influenced actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Nina Dobrev.

According to a survey published in September, only 13% of Norwegians considered Princess Marta Louisa to be suitable to represent the royal family at official events.

“I think that, rather than the princess as a person, it’s more about the secret event she’s connected with,” a royal biographer told Norwegian media. (I)

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