Nothing Ears (Stick): A cylinder-type case and better sound for headphones that re-attract

As its first product, Nothing chose a pair of headphones, the Admirable Ears (1). Because of their attractive designs and their features, they promote an immersive experience. The Ear (Stick), the brand’s second transparent earphones, attracts even more,

The Nothing Year (Stick), the young company’s third device after the phone (1) in July, is its latest release slated for 2022. They cost 119 euros, 20 euros more What ear (1) originally contained (now, however, for 149 euros).

British brand imagines them A new option within your starting ecosystem, They bring about improvements, but they are not a continuation of ear (1), which is governed by some other concept., In fact, among the products that don’t have anything in mind for 2023, Ears (2) are the ones that appear on the nearest horizon.

Los nothing year (stick)
(20 bit)

Despite its short life, nothing has changed its distinct design, for transparent, in a distinctive feature, In the case of your headphones it appears in You can see the pieces inside the cane. For the ear (stick) he wanted to play more with the expressionGive recurring a spin, and bring A unique charging case, Instead of being the typical little box, it has cylindrical shape And clearly inspired by lipstick, Huawei has already done this with the FreeBuds lipsticks, though nothing is looking for a cosmetic replica and moves to another line.

The lid is opened by gently turning the red part to the left, The effects and movement, staged with sticks emanating from their transparent capsules, are pleasant enough, so much so that you’ll want to repeat the action several times. Is The base is more refined than the ear (1)Which was already far from normal but more ‘normal’.

ear (1) and new ear (stick)
ear (1) and new ear (stick)
(20 bit)

If Ear (1) attached to the earphone with silicone padthe widest, the ear (stick) stages another concept and Features a rigid head and middle-ear design so they can enter the ear canal less, Before trying them on, nothing’s emphasis on comfort can cast doubt on the tough side, but As soon as you put them on, you can see that they are actually very comfortable., even if they have ‘strange’ ears. The brand highlights that they are less “intrusive” than other models, and the sentiment they leave confirms that they are telling the truth. In the beginning, it also seems that they are not going to be cured, but then there is no problem in it. The lightness (4.4 grams each of the earphones) rounds out what’s picked up.

The Nothing Ear (stick) is more comfortable than expected
The Nothing Ear (stick) is more comfortable than expected
(20 bit)

As with your first headphones, nothing helps distinguish which side of the earbud is (more frequent confusion than you think) by the colored circles: Red for right and white for left. What is the change, the way of using them, because it works not by touching, but by pressing and pressing on the side of the rod (small silver bar). In comparison, this method is almost preferred, less prone to false sensitivity.

It's Nothing Ear (Stick) Headphones
It’s Nothing Ear (Stick) Headphones
(20 bit)

If the first model likes the proposed sound, the Nothing Ear (stick) exacerbates the problem: the improvement is noticeable, plus in quality and in capacity all around. The sound is more real and powerful, the brightness in normal calculations combined with the charm emanating from the cylindrical factor. so they like it even more,

The new AirPods Pro far exceeds the previous generation in sound and noise cancellation.

In the opposite direction, when reviewing specifications Noise cancellation is missing that the market has made so necessary, yes present in ear (1)a function whatever Impressed. The chosen design brings a condition (The brand states that ‘leaks’ are harsh) and they cannot rely on noise cancellation like this. In any case, in the moment of truthIn continuous use, circumstance Doesn’t compromise immersion and experience (though it tends to be rare Can’t find the option in Settings).

In the context of small-scale deployed technology, the Nothing Ear (stick) is characterized by a Driver 12.6mm Custom Dynamic To get more details and enhance them; for the so called bass lock (An algorithm adjusts the equalizer curve to the optimum level, Thus correcting bass loss derived from middle-ear design); and for developed clear voice, This technology enables during the call Hear us clearly regardless of ambient noise. 20Bits has verified this fact, supported by three high definition microphones.

Unique Charging Case for Nothing Ear
Unique Charging Case for Nothing Ear
(20 bit)

Optional use and comfort with charging case, Headphones provide up to 29 hours of autonomy, By themselves, the headphones last up to seven hours. Plus, ten minutes of charging (via USB-C) gives an extra two hours.

once connected, Functions and options are visible directly, without any app, if nothing is done using the phone (1), 20Bits has tested them with this formula. if you have mobile With other brand Android or iPhonethey need to use the application nothing X,

Data Sheet of Nothing Ear (Stick) Headphones

  • Weight of each earphone: 4.4 grams
  • 12.6 mm dynamic driver
  • touch control
  • Up to 29 hours of battery life (with charging case)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2
  • Bass Lock and Clear Voice technologies
  • They work with the Nothing Phone (1) or the Nothing X app
  • Compatibility: Android 5.1 and above / iOS 11 and above
  • Price: 119 Euro

20 bit score: 8.5/10

  • Best: Captivating design, leaps in comfort and sound.
    Worst: Noise cancellation is missing at the start.

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