Nothing reveals what its new in-ear (stick) headphones will be like and expect a price hike

Last month, Nothing Previewed the design of the new Wireless Ear (Stick) headphones with a compact, ergonomic and comfortable charging case. Similar to the silhouette of cosmetic products,

Until recently, no further details were known about the device, but HighsnoBT states that the brand is inspired by the classic silhouette of the cosmetic industry, Weight only 4.4 gramsThe design is reminiscent of the Ear model (1), and this time Contains a transparent style On earphones and case.

the headphones they will increase in price, in particular, 50% (if they used to cost 100 euros, now they will be on sale for 150 euros). it is still unknown hardwareBut Carl Pei (former CEO of OnePlus) justifies the increase due to the cost of development and the effort invested in said product.

A statement from Pei shared on HighsnoBT said that “When we started developing Eire (1), we only had three engineers. A year later, we have 185. During this time, Eire (1) has received 15 firmware and tuning updates. , This is a completely different product until we bought it.

Also added to the current inflation increase due to the war situation in Europe and the current geopolitical panorama.

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