Now they don’t even let him sleep peacefully. It turns out what they did with Andres Garcia and his will

Andres Garcia and Leonardo Garcia

Andres García is in delicate health, it is no secret to anyone, but what has attracted attention is that the actor is involved in a strong scandal as revealed by his son Leonardo, ex of Margarita’s son Portillo With the help of ally, many secrets and scandals.

And now it turns out that they may have taken Andres, sick and on a stretcher, to alter the will that holds all his possessions, property and money. The man who made these revelations was a man named Fernando Nolasco, who worked as an assistant, right-hand man and driver to Andres López Portillo, the son of Margarita Portillo, the last wife of Andres García.

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The man assured that Andrés García was carried on a stretcher in front of a notary public in Coyoacán to make changes to his will, the same one that was speculated to have left his children and his great friend Roberto Palazuelos : “Yes, they took him on a stretcher, Mr. Andres was wrong, they took him to a notary in Coyoacán to sign … I don’t know, maybe it was the sale of the palace, the ranch … it It was about two and a half months ago,” the former assistant said.

Leonardo Garcia assures that he manipulated his father

For Leonardo Garcia, his father is manipulated by Margarita, as he assures her that when he is not with her, Andrés is a different man, even with the affection that he shares with his children. belongs to; But when he is with her he ceases to be so.

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