Now you will not have to disconnect your mobile while boarding the plane: EU approves ‘5G in the sky’

The European Commission has said in a statement that airlines will be able to provide 5G networks in their planes. Thanks to the implementation of mobile communicationDesignating certain frequencies for technology.

“Passengers on board flights in the European Union (EU) may Use your mobile phone according to its capability and featuresExactly like 5G mobile networks on land,” says the European Commission.

This decision allows airlines Provide messaging, phone call and data services to users; It also paves the way for widespread deployment of 5G services.

The service is provided from within the cabin of the aircraft equipped network called ‘picocell’ To connect people via a satellite network between aircraft and land mobile networks.

On the other hand, the Commission also modified the implementation on the 5 GHz frequency band, thus, Bands available for WiFi networks in road transport (for example, cars and buses).

The European Commission states that “in accordance with the amendments to the Implementing Decision, Member States shall make the 5 GHz frequency band available for use on board road vehicles as soon as possible and at the latest. June 30, 2023,

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