NullMixer, the latest ‘mega malware’ capable of downloading multiple Trojans at the same time

NullMixer is a malware that steals its victims’ credentials, addresses, credit card details, cryptocurrencies, and Facebook and Amazon accounts. where trojan Has infiltrated the devices of more than 47,500 users when “download” software crack from third-party sites,” analysts at cyber security firm Kaspersky have discovered.

Investigations show that NullMixer is spread exclusively through websites that offer Cracks, keygen and set up workers Software illegally, “These dodgy pages always pose a threat to users because they infect devices with malware,” says Kaspersky. “In most cases, users receive adware otro. In software unwanted, but NullMixer is far more dangerous,

Using NullMixer, different Trojans can be downloaded at the same time and this can lead to “mass infection of any computer network”. The most common method used by cybercriminals to access devices is CrackedBecause users want to download programs illegally They usually use pages of questionable credibility Without thinking about the consequences that followed.

Users trying to install cracked software are the main victims of viruses.
Users trying to install cracked software are the main victims of viruses.

With NullMixer, cybercriminals can present many fraudulent files, from downloader hey spyware until blackdoors hey bankers, among others. The malware they spread is in Red linethat searches credit card data and cryptocurrency wallets, or discbook (or Socellar), which steals cookies from Facebook and Amazon with which you can gain access to the account.

There are many users who use public networks in coffee shops to telecommute, but this can be unsafe.

Spain is among the most affected countries

Kaspersky has blocked attempts to infect more than 47,500 devices worldwide this year. The countries most affected by NullMixer are Brazil, India, Russia, Italy, Germany, France, Egypt, Turkey, the United States and Spain is at number 12.

,Any download of files from untrusted sources is a real game of roulette“You never know when it’s going to be triggered and what’s behind it,” emphasizes Haim Zigel, an IT security analyst at Kaspersky. For this reason, the company has come up with a series of tips to prevent electronic Have taken it upon yourself to keep the device from getting infected:

  • download software only from reliable sources,
  • Never resort to pirated downloads or any other illegal contentEven if you are redirected to it from a legitimate website.
  • Check your online accounts regularly Looking for unknown transactions.
  • Use a Robust Security SolutionLike antivirus or secure private browsing, to prevent internet tracking and protect you from cyber threats.

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