Octavio Okana’s sister reveals new details about what happened on the day of her death

almost a year later Death of Octavoi OkanaThere is still no punishment for the alleged culprits, although their family has already been arrested Leopoldo “N”, Municipal Police who is in preventive custody. However, another suspect identified as Gerardo “N” is still absconding.

Despite earlier versions that his death was “accidental” caused by a shot he would have fired himself, “Benito”‘s family did not accept the Mexico State Prosecutor’s Office’s version, and his parents did not accept their version. Find out the truth by hiring our own experts and progress in the investigation is successful.

And, although the second person involved has not yet been arrested, Octavio Okana’s family Demanding justice for the actor In social networks, his sister Bertha Okana spoke again and released new information in the “Benito” case, as she assured that they would not leave the alleged perpetrators without conviction.

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Octavio Ocaa. Reveal “new” details of the case of death of

Bertha Okana Published through your Instagram account Octavio Ocaa. New details about the death of, The young woman assured that her family had managed to show that they were always right:

Octavio did not commit any traffic violations

it was what he promised Bertha Okana in his publications, because he ensures that His brother did not do any act which would require arrest Let alone the chase. They also claim that the crime scene was changed and not guarded. After investigation, he observed that it could be shown that:

  • Octavio Ocaña never fired a gun
  • was shot at least thrice against him
  • The injury that caused his death was caused by a weapon of a different power than the one he owned
  • his comrades were beaten

The family hopes that the investigation will continue and they will punish the alleged perpetrator, who has already been arrested, while they wait to nab the escapee.

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