Octopus is the first character to say goodbye to his mask and…

These were clues the character left so the public would know who it was.

By: Eric Solisso

televisa / Instagram: @lelepons

The octopus turned out to be Lele Pons and Yuri knew it

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Who’s the mask? 2022 marked a great start to the program by introducing the first characters in the contest, of whom, in the first half of the broadcast, one had to reveal their identity.

In the first third, an incredible musical bout of octopus, graffiti and dalmata ensued, at the end of which, the researchers had the opportunity to save one to continue in the competition.

After being charmed by his French accent,

John’s Zurita

announced that Graffiti would still be in competition, meaning that stage audiences had a chance to save one of the remaining two characters.

The octopus was the first to reveal his identity and he turned out to be Lele Pons. You can see the moment of the big revelation in the following video:

Lele Pons is the octopus and Yuri was right

final bet

These were the names the researchers gave when they wondered what the figure lurks behind the octopus:
Carlos Rivera – Eiza Gonzalez
Galilea Montijo – Sofia Reyes
Juanpa Zurita – Angie Vazquez, vocalist of Vazquez Sounds
Yuri – Lele Pons – Right

octopus track

In his Clue video, Pulpo clarified that social media is an important part of his life, “I always get support from people.

During his presentation, he shared that he loved traveling and that the destinations featured in various photographs were the United States and Italy.

In addition, she admits that she is the owner of various awards including a platinum disc for the high sales of one of her songs.

The octopus assures that she is the daughter of a queen and thus plots her first clue.

Did you know who the mask was? Share your opinion with us via social networks and enjoy the program on Sunday at 8:30 PM.


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