Officials say foot found in Yellowstone hot spring belonged to Los Angeles man

got feet in one Hot spring in Yellowstone National Park Park officials said Thursday that back in August has been identified as a 70-year-old Los Angeles man.

The foot belonged to Il Hun Ro, the National Park Service said in a news release. The agency said that although conspiracy is not suspected, the circumstances of his death are still unknown due to “lack of evidence”. But, the National Park Service said, the investigation into the death has reached “conclusion”.

The situation came to light on August 16, when a park employee spotted part of a foot in a shoe floating in the Abyss Pool in the West Thumb Geyser Basin in the southern part of the park.

the officers later said that the feet It is believed to be related to a man who was involved in an “unseen incident” at Abyss Pool on the morning of 31 July.

Abyss Pool is 53 feet deep and about 140 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Yellowstone. It is one of the deepest hot springs in the park.

Yellowstone National Park
West Thumb Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park. July 20, 2017

National Park Service / Jacob W. Frank / Flickr

According to Yellowstone, it is extremely dangerous to descend from the elevated boardwalk around Geyser Basin.

“Boiling waters rise beneath the thin crust of most geyser basins, and many have been severely scorched when they have broken through the fragile surface,” the park said on its website. “Some people have died.”

According to the National Park Service, 22 people have died from burns after falling into the hot springs since Yellowstone’s founding in 1879, though it’s unclear whether that tally includes this most recent death.

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