Ohio Grandmothers and Grandchildren Are Ready to Visit All 63 National Parks on an Adventure

An Ohio grandmother and grandson near completion epic seven year adventure To visit all 63 US National Parks.

Brad Ryan told CBS News that he decided to start traveling in 2015 after his grandmother, Joy Ryan, told him she had never been to the mountain.

“Our journey began when I learned that my grandmother had never been to the mountains in the eighties,” he said.

From there, the two set out on the journey of a lifetime.

Brad Ryan said, “It once seemed like an impossible dream. But everything I’ve done with her is whitewater rafting. She was 91 when we did class three rapids in Alaska.”

But Joey Ryan is playing for anything, and said whitewater rafting was a blast.

“Oh, it was fun. I had the best time,” she said. “And like being on a roller coaster. I love roller coasters.”

Their first stop was a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where the couple tried to sleep on air mattresses.

“Well, I couldn’t sleep on that. I fell,” Joey Ryan told CBS News. “So I’m like, ‘Cat with it.’ I fall asleep on the ground.”

After seven years of excursion, the pair will complete their mission in the South Pacific National Park in American Samoa next April.

When asked what this trip meant to him, Joy Ryan said that the trip has been an opportunity to “go out and broaden my horizons and see all the beautiful things I only dreamed about. “

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