“Ole, ole, ole, ole, Rammstein, Rammstein!”: Fans chant before show in Foro Soul

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, Rammstein, Rammstein!” This is the choir one hour before the German band leaves, rammsteinOn his return to the stage on Mexican soil.

one in sun forum Which is about to sell out, fans are crying out for Till Lindemann & Co.

The odyssey of transportation and stage access has been left behind, the concert opening musicians have ended their participation and only a few minutes are left for the band’s long-awaited first guitar debut.

Blue lights twinkle on a clear Mexico City night, fans of industrial metal bands sway from side to side, beer is bought in bulk and frolic ensues.

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Five towers distributed throughout the stadium track rise among fans who managed to purchase tickets to the general area of ​​the event; Other lights atop the stand stand ready to accompany the group’s performance.

On the side of the stage, tents for people with disabilities also appear to be fully stocked, including the idea that this concert was held.

However, there are still many venues in the area closest to the stage for the thousands of attendees who are still waiting to be able to access the concert.

Among the attendees, Gerardo and his friends do not know the group, but they open themselves up to the opportunity to meet him, and why not?, when tickets were a gift.

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