One name for the Pinal family and the curse that haunts all

Curse of the Sylvia Pinal Family

Sylvia Pinal is one of the actresses who marked history in the world of Mexican cinema and on Mexican television, she debuted in cinema at a very young age, where thanks to her beauty, she did not hesitate to open the doors of the medium, She took advantage of the opportunity and gradually strengthened her career in the industry until she became a living legend of Mexican television.

While everything hasn’t been hunky-dory for the family of first actress Sylvia Pinal, we do know that the Pinal dynasty is made up of four of her children, Sylvia Pascal, Viridiana Elatriste, Alejandra Guzmán and Luis Enrique Guzmán, but in one of their children. There is a curse in his name that has marked his life and then we will tell you the story.

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It all started when actress Sylvia Pinal starred in a movie called “Viridiana” directed by Luis Buuel, the actress fell in love with the film and decided to name her daughter Viridiana Alisteste, however, 40 years before the curse came. Tha Pinal family, well Viridiana died in a car accident, after some time her half-sister Sylvia decided to keep her younger daughter “Viridiana” as her, who lost her life by drowning when she was two years old, That is why it is said that the Pinal family pursues a curse named “Viridiana”.

Why did the “Woman Case of Real Life” program end?

One of the big successes was the program “Real Life Women’s Affairs” actress Sylvia Pinal, a program based on the stories of women who sent their letters to the actress, however, in the year of 2007 she decided to put on the program. The end of, because it was said that it did not have the same audience.

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