One of Three Potrillos Abandoned the Millionaire Legacy of Vicente Fernandez to Donate to This Man

Since the death of the head of the dynasty, Vicente Fernandez, there have been a number of circumstances that caused many members of the family to break their ties. Such was the case and, as expected, the legacy that the “Charro d’Huntitan” would leave one ofThree calves.

is about Vicente Fernandez Jr.The son that Donna Cuquita and the interpreter of “A Million Springs” received this inheritance, which, since the death of his father, spread many rumors about the inheritance that the Guadalajara man would leave, where he himself claimed that inheritance. resigned from the fact that he left her”Chente“, to donate it to his mother.

Chante earned a great fortune for his songs Photo: IG @_vicentefdez

This news has been confirmed, due to the fact that there is a notary document which states that Vicente Fernandez Jr. reads that the millionaire’s inheritance consists of eight pieces of land, which were donated to charity. Maria del Refugio Abarca Villasenor and who abandoned his son, where it is read;

“Mr. Vicente Fernández Abarca Himself, hereinafter referred to as “Donor” and Mrs. “Ma del Refugio Abarca Villaseor, to Himself, hereinafter referred to as “Donate”.

Vicente Jr. inherited his fortune from his mother. Photo: IG @vicentefdzjr9

In the said section, they indicate donna cuquita As the owner of the millionaire inheritance that her husband had left to his son, Vicente Fernandez wanted to keep the inheritance, as a measure to prevent Vicente Jr.’s current partner, Mariana González, who That would have also omitted the interpreter ” estos cellos”, although it would have been denied by him.

Prepare for the wedding on your farm

Recall that in an interview for the Mexican Morning Show, Vicente Fernandez Jr. revealed the details of his marriage to Mariana, with whom he promised to deliver “Yes I accept” for 2023 at a church in Guadalajara, Jalisco, where the mother is from. dynasty fernandez, Rumors suggest that the festivities will take place at the farm. “The Three Falls”.

Vicente is planning his wedding for 2023. Photo: IG @ vicentefdzjr9

In addition, after the organization of “Bodorio”, Vicente Fernandez Jr. He clarified that he wanted to expand the family, as he hoped to become a father.

It should be noted that the relationship of the model and influential Mariana with Vicente has been heavily criticized because of the age difference, as she is 19 years younger than her brother. Alexander Fernandez, However, this was not a problem for them, as to date they have been a couple for two years, starting their romance in 2020.

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