Onigo Oniwa goes a step further in his breakup with Tamara Falco and takes his things to his mother’s house

After his breakup with Tamara Falco, Inigo Oniwa has gone a step further and has already taken his belongings from the flat he shared in his mother’s house

Little or nothing is known about Inigo Oniwa’s current whereabouts. Ever since his relationship with Tamara Falco broke up, the businessman has been away from the media spotlight. Protected and sheltered by her brothers and family, Oniwa prefers to let her ex make public statements. Of course, the breakdown continues. Businessman has already moved his belongings from the apartment he shared with Isabel Preisler’s daughter to keep them safe at her mother’s home, Last Tuesday a moving truck was in charge of carrying everything.

Inigo Oniva and Tamara Falco spent a lot of time together in a house located in the center of Madrid, Waiting for the Marchionnes of Grinon to receive his new attic. The businessman had a lot of his belongings in this house, which is now gone, as verified this morning. A moving truck is parked at the door and the operators load several boxes and clothes from Tamara Falco’s ex-boyfriend. After finishing there, it’s seen how the truck is Has entered the house that Inigo Oniva’s mother is in La Moraleza.

igo Onieva’s belongings are coming out of the apartment she owned for Tamara Falco. shared with


Inigo Oniwa has thus decided to take his things to the family home. A house from where his mother Carolina Molas has left on several occasions these days. Like his brothers Jaime and Alejandra Oniva, who have been most uncomfortable with the situation. But there is no trace of Inigo in this family home, although now that he has things, it is not unreasonable to think that. This will be the place where you set up your residence or at least spend a lot of time.

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