Opera refuses to die: The browser now lets you convert your old photos to HD images

The company introduces Opera Lucid Mode, a new function in its browser Allows to improve the image quality of photos and videos taken with smartphones Ancient, and that it is capable of converting blurry or low-quality recordings into new high-definition images. it turns opera browser The first to effectively integrate video and image enhancement functions.

“Studies like Sensum and Akamai show that Most users put off watching low-quality video after a few minutes, We are pleased to introduce Lucid Mode, a feature that will give our users a better video watching experience,” said Joanna Cajka, Director of Product at Opera. “At Opera, we think of the browser as a ‘super app’ are, and we have many ideas to improve the experience online, With Lucid Mode, we’re giving our users another tool to help them make the most of the content they love.”

The inclusion of Lucid Mode is the first in a series of updates as the company plans to revamp its browser in 2023., Opera browser has already introduced many updates and features to improve the user experience. It is worth highlighting the fact that it has recently become the only platform on the market with integrated support TIC Toc, adding the app to a long list of sidebar integrations that already includes Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Furthermore, the browser opted for privacy and security is the only one that offers free VPN and VPN Pro services.

Opera’s new functionality is now available to all users, When they open a video, for example, in youtube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, the Lucid Mode floating button will appear. Once activated, sharpness and clarity will automatically be added to all images on that platform.

Opera browser is available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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