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A novel that follows a boy born to a single teenage mother through foster care, child labor and addiction, among other challenges, is the next book fans of Oprah’s book club will pick up on. Oprah Winfrey announces “Damon Copperhead” by Barbara Kingsolver as her latest selection to feature on “CBS Mornings.”

Winfrey said, “Our next book club selection is perfect to curl up on as we wind up with a little crisp and the leaves start to turn.” “Set in the mountains of the southern Appalachians, from the very first sentence you are going to be intrigued by this epic tale of this young boy.”

Kingsolver began writing the book while living in the former home of Charles Dickens in the United Kingdom. She described the house as “a strange old mansion on the sea” that she and her husband had to themselves.

Sitting at Dickens’ old table one evening, she said that she “began to feel the wrath of the “Oliver Twist” author that she channeled into her books.”

“He accused me of this mission. He said, ‘You have to do this,'” Kingsolver recalled. “I sat down at his desk and started the book that night.”

The coming-of-age story was also inspired by opioid crisis And it has an effect on children.

“The worst in this is a generation of children who have been orphaned by opioid use disorder,” said the bestselling author. “And as the world’s attention moves on, I really wanted to tell the story of these kids because it’s not over for them. They live among us. We all know these kids but it’s a dark story And that’s a tough story to tell.”

She said she wasn’t sure readers would want to dive “into that dark place,” but used her inspiration from Dickens to help tell the fictional story.

“What did he tell me, which was the key to getting into the house, did you let the child tell the story,” she said. “No one doubts the child. You just strike the reader’s heart.”

The 11th book of Kingsolver, published by HarperCollins, is on sale now.

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