Or a dream come true, Dua Lipa and Elton John star in magazine cover

on the official Instagram account of singer Dua Lipa revealed she was so excited to land the 2022 Variety Hitmakers magazine cover as she starred alongside the musician himself Elton JohnAn epic moment for the social network.

British and famous musicians, they’ve already shared the stage, they’ve performed a song together, but they’ve never shared a magazine cover before, it’s a first and fans are fascinated, because these talents always result in their Leaves open-mouthed.

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not long ago, dua lipa why Elton John Together they sang the song “hard heart”, aired at the concert and on the Disney+ streaming platform, a wonderful night for the fans and the cast as well.

Because the great chemistry between them is incredible, they enjoy making music and it shows, having both stars on the cover of Variety makes fans very happy as well.

See more of Dua’s here.

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