Orion breaks record: It is the spacecraft for humans that has been farthest from Earth

Last Saturday, November 26, NASA told on its Twitter account that the capsule Orion reached a distance of 401,000 kilometers from EarthBroke the record set by the Apollo 13 spacecraft.

while Orion was 86,000 kilometers away from Luna He was traveling at a speed of 3,300 kmph.Moreover, during its journey around the satellite, the capsule will be located at a distance of about 64,400 km from the other side of the Moon and more than 430,000 km from the Earth.

vehicle moves in a retrograde orbitThat is, it goes around the Moon in the same direction that it goes around the Earth. Mike Sarafin (Artemis mission manager) said in a teleconference last week that “While Orion has exceeded expectations, we are continuing to learn about this new deep space spacecraft.”

In case you don’t remember, on Wednesday, Nov. 16, NASA’s unmanned Artemis I mission successfully took off from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Returning humans to the Moon for the first time in half a century and establish a base there as a last step to reach Mars.

For now the biggest challenge for Orion will be its Re-entry to Earth is scheduled for December 11 over the Pacific Ocean. When all is done, the spacecraft will have traveled 2.1 million kilometres, the longest distance traveled by a Crew-class capsule.

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