Orion is already on its way back home: When will the spacecraft enter Earth?

NASA’s Orion Capsule Begins First Maneuver Tomorrow leave your distant retrograde lunar orbit With the ignition of the engines, thus, it begins its return journey to Earth.

operation of Engine ignition occurred at 22:53 Spanish Peninsular Time After waiting 1 minute and 45 seconds, in addition, it can be viewed in real time thanks to images transmitted by the capsule at the Johnson Space Center (Houston).

At that time, according to images, the ship It was 382,721 km away from the earth And 85,214 km from the Moon. The return trip would end with a dive into the Pacific Ocean on December 11. Furthermore, the mission was intended to reduce the effects of space radiation on humans.

As Orion returns home, the NASA team continues to measure its position and test star trackers to determine the capsule’s orientation. Too, is at the end of its journey Having surpassed the distance record for a ship designed to carry a crew, there has yet to be one Next December 5 burning new fuel,

This action will take place when Orion is about 120 kilometers from the Moon’s surface to reach Earth. As mentioned above, The ship will land in the Pacific Ocean on December 11With that in mind, NASA and the United States Navy have begun rescue tests off the coast of California.

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