Orion spacecraft returns to Earth, live: final landing time

On December 5, the Orion spacecraft completed a time of 3 minutes, 27 seconds to orbit the Moon and return to Earth. Before burning up, the ship made its final approach to the satellite at 5:43 pm PT, further increasing its speed to 1,054 km/h for splashdown over the Pacific Ocean this Sunday.

NASA’s live coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. ET. penultimate time, and for now, it is expected Orion landing occurs at 18:40 Peninsular Time.

Orion Spacecraft Milestones

NASA reported this on 26 November twitter profile that orion reached a distance of 401,000 kilometers from the earth (breaking the record set by the Apollo 13 spacecraft), was 86,000 km from our planet and traveled at a speed of 3,300 km/h.

Orion, on the other hand moved into a retrograde orbit to return humans to the Moon for the first time in half a century, in addition, shared images Taken by the optical navigation camera to test its effectiveness under various lighting conditions.

Images taken by Orion.
nasa johnson

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