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‘Our people are being killed’: Ukrainian refugees flee to Moldova amid harrowing Russian attacks

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‘Our individuals are being eliminated’: Ukrainian evacuees get away to Moldova amidst traumatic Russian assaults

This story was produced in collaboration with the Pulitzer Center.CHISINAU, Moldova– The hem of

her purple skirt cleaning the tiled flooring as she paced, Kristina Paleshev supported her wailing baby little girl Maria and looked anxiously once more through the doorway.Sitting at a table with aid employees, forms as well as papers spread before him, her husband, Oleksandr, as soon as again discussed what had taken place: The Russian weapons shelling that eliminated their next-door neighbor. The heartbreaking decision to desert their house in Mykolaiv. The frightening eight-hour drive throughout western Ukraine to the Moldovan border. The auto breakdown equally as they arrived in Chisinau, the Moldovan capital. Their 5 youngsters who awake startled throughout the evening at any type of loud noise, terrified they’re once again under attack.Published at Sun, 20 Mar 2022 06:00:34 -0400



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