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Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai said Friday he is “disappointed” that Kyrie Irving endorses a film that is “based on a book full of antisemitic disinformation.”

The Nets Star Guard posted a link Twitter on Thursday for the movie “Hebrew to Negro: Wake Up Black America.” Synopsis on Amazon said the 2018 film “reveals the true identities of the children of Israel.” The synopsis states that viewers will “discover what Islam, Judaism and Christianity have covered over the centuries in this film filled with a lot of research into the true biblical identity of the so-called ‘negro’.”

According to Rolling Stone, the film based on the 2015 book claims that “many well-known upper-class Jews” have “admitted” to “worship”.[ing] Satan or Lucifer.”

Tsai and Netts reacted quickly to the latest crisis provoked by Irving, who previously supported the idea of ​​the Earth being flat and shared an old clip of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on social media last month.

Tsai wrote about Irving on Twitter, “I want to sit down and make sure he understands that this is harmful to all of us, and as a person of faith, hate on the basis of race, ethnicity or religion.” Promoting is wrong.”

Irving was unavailable for most Nets home games last season as he refused vaccination Against COVID-19, as mandated in New York City. The Nets refused him a contract extension this summer, meaning Irving could be in his final season with the team.

“The Brooklyn Nets strongly condemns the promotion of hate speech of any kind and has no tolerance,” the team said in a statement. “We believe that in these situations, our first course of action should be an open, honest dialogue. We thank those, including ADL, who have supported us during this time.”

Irving’s Tweet Comes As Ye, Formerly Known As Kanye West, Continues To Confront feedback Earlier this month he made several anti-Semitic remarks.

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