Pablo Álvarez and Sara García, Spanish ESA astronauts, present Apollo 11 as a gift to Sanchez

Pablo Álvarez and Sara García, the Spanish astronauts who are part of ESA’s new team of space explorers, visited Moncloa yesterday. there, he gave a lego apollo 11 ship Government President Pedro Sánchez and he also met with Pedro Duque, the former Minister of Science and Innovation, who was also an astronaut for the European Space Agency.

The young astronauts defined the visit to Moncloa for Agencia EFE as “a new, enjoyable and interesting experience that they never imagined they could live”. Alvarez is a designated astronaut, and Garcia, a reserve astronaut, and It is the first time in 30 years that ESA has selected two Spanish researchers.

Apollo 11

Apollo 11 mission wasThe first mission in history to take humans to the moon in 1969, and the Lego recreation that the astronauts gave to Sanchez, has a special meaning. As Alvarez explained, the engineer intends to plant a Spanish flag on the model upon its return from a lunar mission.

Duke with new ESA astronauts

The two pros had previously spoken with Pedro Duque on the phone, however, yesterday they could see each other in person for the first time. García has indicated that they have gone from “ordinary and ordinary people who could not do this type of work, Suddenly see it inside and meet so many people”.

After 30 years without ESA appointing a Spaniard among its ranks, yesterday they selected two for the new generation of astronauts.

Pablo Alvarez and Sara Garcia with Diana Morant, Pedro Duque and Pedro Sanchez.
Pablo Alvarez and Sara Garcia with Diana Morant, Pedro Duque and Pedro Sanchez.
Jesus Helin / Europa Press

In addition to the President and the Duke, who are part of the new generation of ESA space explorers, they have also met Diana Morant, current Minister of Science and Innovationalready Miguel Bello, Commissioner of the Department of Aerospace.

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