“Pain You Can’t Even Describe”: Victims’ Loved Ones React to the Virginia Walmart Shooting

In Chesapeake, Virginia, details are emerging about the six people who police say were shot and killed by a manager at a Walmart Supercenter Tuesday night.

The oldest person to die was 70 years old, the youngest was only 16 years old.

“You can’t describe the pain,” said Sonya, the aunt of 22-year-old victim Tyneka Johnson.

It’s a pain all too familiar for families grieving from America’s latest mass shooting.

,How do you know you went out to work and didn’t come home?” Sonya said.

All six killed in the shootings were Walmart employees. In addition to Johnson, 70-year-old Randall Blevins, 43-year-old Lorenzo Gamble, 38-year-old Brian Pendleton, 52-year-old Kelly Pyle and an unidentified 16-year-old were shot.

Police say the shooter was 31-year-old Andre Bing, who fired the first shot in the break room around 10 p.m.

Walmart employee Briana Tyler said, “It’s by the grace of God that one bullet missed me.” “I actually saw the body fall.”

The shooter was armed with a handgun—and additional rounds of ammunition—injuring at least six others before turning the gun on himself. Bing’s motive is unknown.

The tragedy comes as the state is still grappling with the murders of three football players at the University of Virginia — reportedly shot by a former teammate just 10 days earlier.

Governor Glenn Youngkin expressed concern over a spate of mass killings in the Commonwealth.

Youngkin said, “We will have time to react. But today and the next few days are the times to support those who need us most.”

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