Painful compromise! Gerard Pique sacrifices himself and Shakira will take her kids to Miami

This Monday, November 7, was a date marked in red on the calendars of both Shakira and Gerard Pique. Six months after their separation and several unsuccessful negotiations between their lawyers, a “definitive” meeting between the singer and the footballer was reached to reach an agreement for the custody of their children – the only stumbling block that occurred when signing a deal. Happened – as the Colombian pretended to go to Miami with him, but Cuella was unwilling to leave Barcelona for him.

Options, go to trial and ask a judge to decide the ‘destiny’ of little Milan and Sasha; Something that neither was willing to accept, so this new face-off in the Colombian home was expected to see the last cartridge finally reach an agreement that both were satisfied with.

A meeting that began at 1:00 p.m. and in which we saw Pique’s lawyers – Ramon Tamboro – and Shakira – Pilar Mane – come with the most smiles and reassurance that, this time and despite their previous misunderstandings, they were a Will manage to reach agreement. ,

Despite the fact that it was initially said that Gerrard had erected his former teammate, soon after it was leaked that the footballer managed to escape the cameras by reaching the ‘peak’ around 2:00 pm are. parents live.

After a painful 12-hour meeting, the two defendants – with tired faces and without making any statements – left the place, confirming that the singer and the perpetrator’s lawyers had finally reached a settlement, though they refrained from going into details. has done.

However, they have moved on and it is ‘La Vanguardia’ who publishes that it is finally Pique who has given and Shakira will move to Milan and Sasha to Miami in early 2023, thus leaving Barcelona and making a fresh start. will fulfill his wish. Life in his luxurious American abode.

As assured by journalist Andrés Guerra, Gerard has decided to give his hand in turning and sacrificing himself for his children, as the alternative was to go to trial and the footballer to live a traumatic experience for his children. was not ready. The very painful sacrifice with which the defender broke utterly in his last game at Camp Nou makes more sense than ever: “Sometimes to love means to let go”.

an agreement that is being finalized on the extent to which children will spend Christmas in Barcelona; As soon as 2023 begins, he will move to Miami with his mother. In return, Pique will be able to cross the Atlantic whenever he wants – something else possible after his retirement from football – and the cost of his trips will go into the common account. A decision that has cost her a lot, but that she has made for the well-being of Milan and Sasha, is her top priority at the moment.

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