Paloma Cuevas: Who Is Luis Miguel’s “Fiance”?

Paloma was married to Spanish bullfighter Enrique Ponce. Photo: Getty Images

Now that it is said that… Luis Miguel is engaged to Paloma Cuevas, the speculation about “Sun” taking such a big step has not stopped and it seems that the singer of “O tu o nada” will marry for the first time.

Feather Luis Miguel wedding, Whose musical comeback has also been announced, it will double. According to what happened, the couple will celebrate their union in Mexico and Spain And they will have a church wedding in one of these countries.

Who Is Luis Miguel’s “Fiance” Paloma Cuevas?

Pigeon Caves A businessman born in . Happened in Cordoba, Spainon 11 September 1972. it is daughter of bullfighter Victoriano Valencia You She was married with bullfighter Henry Ponce for 25 years.

  • Luis Miguel is an associate of Paloma Cuevas. and his ex because they are both godparents at the baptism of his son Miguel Gallego araceli

It is said that the singer and businessman have been friends since childhood because Luisito Rey, the father of “Soul”, had a relationship with Valencia, however, there is also a version that they met until 2003 when he presented her in Acapulco, the singer. Close friend of Miguel Aleman Magnani.

Paloma Cuevas studied International Business at Boston University. They . discovered his true passion for moda And in this field she has gained recognition as a haute couture designer.

His current occupation is children’s real estate and decoration business.

She owns a millionaire farm where she lived with Enrique Ponce and his daughters, Bianca and Paloma.

The separation of Paloma and Enrique took place in September 2021.

Rumors of the Spaniard’s romance with Luis Miguel arose as they were caught having dinner together in Madrid and there are those who assure that they were holding hands.

Paloma and Luis Miguel have also been spotted together in Miami.

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