Paola Durante suffers a scandal and loses everything: “They stole all my savings”

  • Paola Durante admitted that she lost all her money by trusting people pretending to be a bank.
  • The famous lady has already filed a complaint with her banking institution, but she doesn’t know if they can help her.
  • Paola Durante told her followers not to give out personal data or trust anyone.
  • The method they used with him was to make sure he requested the loan and then talk to him as if they had come from the bank and asked to return the money that came in.

paola duranteRecognized for being the hostess of the program ‘Pacatelas’ by comedian Paco StanleySurprised her followers on the social network to find herself very impressed and crying bitterly when she confessed that she had lost everything and had gone bankrupt due to a scandal.

According to the famous, everything happened a few days ago, when A huge amount was allegedly deposited to him and then someone from the bank told him that they had contacted him. To tell him that he had taken a loan and that he had to pay it back immediately.

“They took all my money from the bank, they stole all my savings, I have already submitted my report to Banmex, I don’t know if they are going to help me or not. I don’t like uploading things when they are insecure or bad.beginning.

with tears in my eyes Paola During explained that everything was a telephone scam Through which their accounts were emptied, thus all their savings were lost. “Be very careful, scammers are worse than ever. I know I look terrible, but I had to point it out.”

“Day before They told me that I had applied for a loan, I never asked for a loan in the bank, they deposited it. He called me according to the bank and said that I have applied for the loan and I did not tell him, (he told him) that he has to return that money because if he didn’t then he would have to pay. added.

After that, he explained that He returned the money that was allegedly extra in his bank account, but the next day, when he checked his savings account, he saw that it was zero.So she contacts her bank to try to clear things up, although she doesn’t know if they will be able to help her.

Paola Durante broke down while talking about that scandal

“Be very careful, if they send you money, if money comes into your account, better you report it to the bank. I know I fell, I was the first to say: ‘Beware the haters, beware the thieves’, but I fell,” said woman jailed for two years, charged with comedian’s death Paco Stanley.

It should be noted that from 2021The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) alerted the population of a new form of fraud in which criminals posing as personnel of banking institutions to compel its victims to disclose confidential and personal information; This is called wishing.

that’s why everyone Banks and other institutions that use personal and personal information have made a watchful call not to give data to anyone. And reiterated that they never ask users for information over the phone.

Paola Durante broke down while talking about that scandal

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