Paola Rojas: From miniskirts to bubbly bikinis, Driver’s riskiest looks

It’s no secret to anyone that paola rosa He has established himself as one of the most beloved entertainment stars for his outstanding work as a news anchor and as one of the most important hosts of the programme.divine leader,

At 45 years old, the model can also claim that her undeniable fame is reflected in her millions of followers on Instagram, as she has over a million followers, all the content uploaded on her personal profile to go viral. are responsible for. ,

It was precisely on this digital platform where paola rosa She has made it clear that fashion and well dressed is part of her day as she consistently looks amazing with attractive looks that fit perfectly, highlighting her great figure.

Paola Rojas’s best looks

One of Paola Rojas’s looks that adds more interaction to Instagram is the fitted pink jumpsuit she recently wore to one of her appearances at Televisa, in which she was the lead. Viewers said that this outfit fit her perfectly as it highlighted her toned legs and clear hips.

Photo: Instagram/@paolarojas

Demonstrating that she maintains a vibrant body at the age of 45, journalist stole everything Looks while sharing a picture on Instagram in which she donned a short miniskirt that leaves little or nothing to the imagination and her loyal followers told her.

On that occasion, Paola Rojas lit up the network by wearing a short skirt that highlighted her alluring legs. The outfit was complemented with a colorful blouse and sneakers making her a fashion benchmark.

Photo: Instagram/@paolarojas

Despite her busy schedule, the “Neta Deewanas” host also finds time to relax and spend a few days away from television forums, which is no excuse for her to forget her loyal followers on her network.

To show this, a few weeks ago, paola rosa We raised the temperature by sharing one of the riskiest pics we’ve ever seen as it highlighted her impeccable looks with an animal print bikini. All exposed the marked belly that the driver claimed on that occasion.

Photo: Instagram/@paolarojas

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