Paola Rojas: it was the scandal that most affected the host of Netas Divinas

Driver paola rojas surprised by your Output of newscast “Al Aire”But still he continues his performance talent and work This has earned her recognition in the media, and regardless of the media chaos that has been caused by her ex-husband, Luis Roberto Alves, what she talks about it was hard to deal with

Although it has been almost four years now, the controversial leaked video of the former footballer emotional charge journalist had to take it and through an interview trava bear revealed the discomfort that he suffers every time he is asked about the incident Which was not easy for him to process.

The 45-year-old Mexican journalist announced on his social networks his departure from the news program Photo: Special

“With considerable difficulty. It is still difficult because this is how the question comes back in the interviewand because every time i touch the subject I have to pass through this filternothing to pick up it would be hard for my kids to process, But still, he continues to give me lessons, I continue to learn… It was very difficult, seriously, It was too embarrassing, it was too painful, it was stressful, it was exhausting, it was brutalRojas said.

she also talks about how for her It Wasn’t Just a Struggle for Clarification in the MediaSince he had to touch base with his family as well and It’s not easy to rephrase in front of the camerasBecause somehow their children are involved and they were also affected at that time.

Other than this the anger that he had against the commentator public wordsPeople expressing their opinion about what happened caused anger“The worst thing was the truth, yes attacks in the digital world I raged against everything. It was all so cruel and so horrible… i was like everywhereInput the opinion of a whole societyKnowing that everyone is talking about you, but at the same time, some take me lightly regardless a woman, a mother, who was very cruel“, she claimed.

He commented that his teammates from “Netas Divinas” really helped him recover Photo: IG

but after so much painto identify who were really his friends and who were notapart from power bring out her strong sidenot only for your own good but also To look after your family and reputation, He said, “My first elusive comment and very subtle and concise was to write a tweet in which I said, among other things, that I am stronger than I thought in the context of all those attacks.”

After many years she has held her head high with her dedication towards the work where she showcased her talent, both of which were amazing opening of the film.I’m your fan“I like their pleasant association”Divine Trap” and it’s another door to exit in the news space because it will lead and Will direct a new show on N+ Media,

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